Brotopia Breaking up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley By Chang, Emily eBook - 2018

I've worked in tech for ten years, including in start ups, and the sexism is pretty shocking. I've had a manager tell me he didn't hire a qualified candidate because she was attractive and it would end up in a sexual harassment suit as the male employees were already oggling her. One senior employee told me she was groped. A coop told me she was the subject of a wet t-shirt joke by a fifty year old. A team lead giving massages to female staff non-consensually.

I knew all this going into reading this book. I also knew of the stats as I have given training on diversity in tech. But I still learned so much, from the gendered disparity in VC funding, to explaining the falling admissions rate of women in computer science in universities from its mid-80s peak of 40%.

I learned way more from this than I expected to. Also although I read this with awareness of the tech sector, this is written to be accessible to non-technical people.

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