Brotopia Breaking up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley By Chang, Emily eBook - 2018

"As we begin 2019, one thing remains clear: in tech, people's interest in, anxiety about, and desire for change have become palpable. The exclusion of women didn't have to be the story of how we got here, and it certainly doesn't need to be our future. Let's take advantage of this moment...

Research shows that companies with more women represented in their leadership ranks make more money, and their employees, both men, and women, are more innovative, diligent, and creative. Higher morale and a more successful company mean lower turnover, higher retention, and higher rates of productivity. Another way to look at this is that gender inequality is expensive, in that it leads to more unhappiness, higher turnover, lower productivity, and more money and time spent on hiring and recruiting. What's good for women is good for men, good for companies, good for their customers, good for the products they produce, good for the economy, and good for our future." Chapter 9

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