Brotopia Breaking up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley By Chang, Emily Book - 2018

An exhilarating history of how high-tech selected for "brogrammers". Chang writes crisply yet descriptively as she covers unhappy men like Thiel (the PayPal Mafia Trump supporter) and Damore (infamous Googler "biology favors the dudes" memo writer); the false promise of meritocracy when mostly everyone in Silicon Valley has Stanford/Harvard connections; the sexist venture capital culture (which then affects who gets funded); short yet probing summaries of three high-profile women--Wojcicki, Mayer & Sandberg; Susan Fowler's bravery at Uber; shutting down online trolls; exposing sex parties for their silly premises (yah, we dunno what to do with our money); and finally, Chapter 9, a clear-eyed look at what companies and people can do. "It is because of their endurance & courage [the women who speak up and their male allies], I believe, that we have reached a cultural tipping point. From here on out, ignorance of the problem can only be willful. Reactions of "Gosh, I didn't know _this_ was going on" and "Is it really that bad?" are simply no longer credible. Or acceptable."

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