Brotopia Breaking up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley By Chang, Emily Book - 2018

In 1990, 30% of programmers in Silicon Valley were American females.
Presently, less than 5% of programmers in Silicon Valley are American females.
Wonder what percentage of programmers are American?
Now, a sane person might be inclined to think that this author should be dwelling on that catastrophic economic number for millennials: 47 percent of workers at that age group are free lancers, while overall, the percentage of America's greatly reduced workforce freelancing is now 35 percent, but instead . . .
Emily Chang is an idiot - - and this book is idiotic! [And her photo on the book jacket looks evil.]
A book I read just prior to this [Live Work Work Work Die] is written by a somewhat self-aware [still youthful] journalist who has a grasp of what's taking place; Emily Chang embraces the Uber economy, just wishes there was more diversity within the Third Reich, more gender equality in Hell! [News Flash, Emily, the Uber - - or slave labor - - economy is baaaad!]
I suspect Emily Chang is Exhibit #1 as an example of a product of the Fake History/Fake News environment she grew up in - - but still worships it, evidently from this book.
Emily reminds me of a 2002 article in the business section of USA Today, where the remaining American female employees at an IT firm were litigating under the EOE Act because, long after all the American males had been replaced with foreign visa workers from India, they - - at the lower IT rungs - - were finally being replaced. Believe they lost that suit, but I am not certain? Ten years prior to that, another article in the business section of USA Today - - just after Clinton won the 1992 presidential election - - recounted how an investment firm head was retiring because he believed Clinton would work to get China into the WTO, thus turning the workaday world from a dog-eat-dog environment into a rat-eat-rat arena, with the opening of such a large cheap labor market.
After wasting time on this book my only description of the author is . . . vacuous!

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