Brotopia Breaking up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley By Chang, Emily eBook - 2018

Wowsa! Brotopia had me saying WTF pretty regularly because what's happening in Silicone Valley is beyond disturbing and speaks to a culture that needs a complete overhaul! As a WOC, I recognize and witness discrimination in its myriad forms, so I knew Silicone Valley wasn't any different. However, Emily's unmasking of this 'bro' era goes beyond the classic unethical, misogynistic, and exclusionary hiring practices and pulls up the roots of the specific manifestation in tech. While highlighting the underbelly of an overall epidemic of what too much money colluding with a false sense of power can do to individuals lacking in maturity, self-worth, a value system, and or simple decency are capable of in an environment that in turn feeds on itself. A well researched and assertive book that is an invaluable read for everyone, since these are the people and this is the world upon whose axis we all turn.

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