Alita Battle Angel DVD - 2019

Lots of the quotes from the main feature film is on IMDb already. The special feature "The Fall (The story of the great war)" is a must watch for the origin of Atila in the film that began 300 years after The Fall.

The fall of the worlds, it was the war to end all wars. There was no one left to fight, no war memorials, no wall with the names of the dead, no statues of heroes, only 50 cities in the ruins of great civilizations on two planets, tumbleweeds, skulls, crows. Only in Zalem did the lights stay on. Who attack first? It doesn't matter. Once it starts there is always a wrong which needs to be righted, always an attack which needs to be avenged. Memory is short, Hatred, Islam and truth were the first casualty. Humanity's failure is that it started. Our past began as one humans looked outward founding colonies among the stars. Earth and Mars were the ... Alita was born at this moment in history. An innocent human child brought to life on Mars. She was called Yoko until the war ...

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