Title Author, Performer, or Director Format Call No.
No Easy Day - The Autobiography... Owen, Mark Book 958.1047 OWEN
That Used to Be Us - How America Fell ... Friedman, Thomas L. Book 973.932 FRIEDMA
The Parties Versus the People - How to Turn Repub... Edwards, Mickey Book 320.973 EDWARDS
The Real Romney Kranish, Michael Book 974.4044 ROMNEY KRANISH
Subversives - The FBI's War on ... Rosenfeld, Seth Book 378.1981 ROSENFE
The Secrets of the FBI Kessler, Ronald Book 363.2509 KESSLER
The Betrayal of the American Dream Barlett, Donald L. Book 330.973 BARLETT
Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt Hedges, Chris Book 305.5609 HEDGES
Ways of Forgetting, Ways of Remembering - Japan in the Mode... Dower, John W. Book 940.5352 DOWER
Red Ink - Inside the High-s... Wessel, David Book 336.73 WESSEL
The Twilight War - The Secret Histor... Crist, David Book 327.7305 CRIST
Kill or Capture - How A Special Ope... Alexander, Matthew Book 956.7044 ALEXAND
Hot - Living Through th... Hertsgaard, Mark Book 304.25 HERTSGA
Agent Garbo - The Brilliant, Ec... Talty, Stephan Book 940.5864 PUJOL TALTY
Snow-storm in August - Washington City, ... Morley, Jefferson Book 305.8009 MORLEY

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