Title Author, Performer, or Director Format Call No.
All the Presidents' Wives DVD DVD 973.099 ALL
The Presidential Memorials DVD DVD 975.3 PRESIDE
Washington the Warrior DVD DVD 973.4109 WASHING
John Adams - Second President DVD J DVD973.4409 ADAMS JOHN
John & Abigail Adams DVD DVD 973.4409 JOHN
The American Presidents - Revolution and th... DVD DVD 973.099 AMERICA
The American Presidents - Civil War and Rec... DVD J DVD 973.099 AMERICA
The American Presidents - 1890-1945, the Em... DVD J DVD 973.099 AMERICA
The American Presidents - 1945-2010, Post W... DVD J DVD 973.099 AMERICA
Andrew Jackson - Good, Evil & ... DVD DVD 973.5609 JACKSON ANDREW
Lincoln DVD DVD 973.7092 LINCOLN
Young Mr. Lincoln DVD DVD YOUNG
Teddy Roosevelt - An American Lion DVD DVD 973.911 ROOSEVE TEDDY
FDR - Years of Crisis DVD DVD 973.917 ROOSEVE FDR
FDR, A Presidency Revealed DVD DVD 973.917 ROOSEVE FDR
Truman DVD DVD 973.918 TRUMAN
Dwight D. Eisenhower - Commander-in-chief DVD DVD 973.921 EISENHO DWIGHT
J. F. K - A Personal Story DVD DVD 973.922 KENNEDY J.F.K.
The Presidents - The Kennedys DVD DVD 973.922 KENNEDY PRESIDE
The Presidents - LBJ DVD DVD 973.923 JOHNSON PRESIDE
Nixon DVD DVD 973.924 NIXON
Nixon - A Presidency Reve... DVD DVD 973.924 NIXON
Frost Nixon - The Original Wate... DVD DVD 973.924 NIXON FROST
Gerald R. Ford - Healing the Presi... DVD DVD 973.925 FORD GERALD
Jimmy Carter - Man From Plains DVD DVD 973.926 CARTER JIMMY
The Presidents - Jimmy Carter DVD DVD 973.926 CARTER PRESIDE
The Presidents - Reagan DVD DVD 973.927 REAGAN PRESIDE
The Presidents - George H. W. Bush Book 973.928
The Clinton Years DVD DVD 973.929 CLINTON
Unprecedented - The 2000 Presiden... DVD DVD 324.973 UNPRECE
Bush's Brain DVD DVD 973.931 BUSH'S

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