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Introduction to Stress

Annotation:Mental Health America - Signs of stress, its effect on the body.

Annotation:The Cleveland Clinic - Basic facts presented concisely.

Annotation:American Psychological Association - Acute stress, episodic acute stress, and chronic stress -- each has its own characteristics, symptoms, duration, treatment approaches; they are summarized here.

Annotation:The American Institute of Stress - Common signs and symptoms of stress.

Annotation:Mayo Clinic - Concise, easy-to-read explanation.

Annotation:The American Institute of Stress - Why is there more stress today; how it is different from the past.

Annotation:Women's Health - Easy to read explanation on stress, its effects and how it can be managed.

Annotation:The American Institute of Stress - Discusses how definitions of stress vary.

Annotation:American Psychological Association - APA’s annual survey finds that many Americans don’t understand how stress can undermine their health. Article from Monitor on Psychology magazine, plus link to the complete report.

Annotation:MedlinePlus and A.D.A.M. - Encyclopedia definition of symptoms, causes, home care, and medical treatment. - Good overview, links to related topics.

Annotation:Mayo Clinic - Clear discussion of stress in your life.

Annotation:Get Healthy at the Library: Santa Clara County Library and PlaneTree Health Library - A brief video showing how to search MedlinePlus for health topics, using Stress as an example.


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