Heart Failure (Congestive Heart Failure): Introduction

Annotation:NIH Senior Health - Provides clear, complete information on heart failure formatted especially for seniors.

Annotation:Heart Failure Online - General information including hallmarks and classifications of heart failure.

Annotation:Heart Failure Online - A concise description of the cardiovascular system with diagrams.

Annotation:Heart Failure Online - A glossary of terms relating to heart failure.

Annotation:Heart Failure Online - Description of what the heart does and how it works including a diagram.

Annotation:MedlinePlus and A.D.A.M. - An encyclopedic entry with useful pictures.

Annotation:Familydoctor.org, American Academy of Family Physicians - The causes and symptoms of heart failure with treatment options, medication descriptions, and indications of when to see or call your doctor.

Annotation:Mayo Clinic - Comprehensive article provides information on diagnosis, symptoms, tests , treatments, and coping.

Annotation:Cleveland Clinic - An in depth discussion of all aspects of heart failure, including research perspectives.

Annotation:Get Healthy at the Library: Santa Clara County Library and PlaneTree Health Library - A brief tutorial showing how to search MedlinePlus for health topics, using Heart Failure as an example. Click above to view the screencast, then return to take our short survey!

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