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Oral (Mouth and Teeth) Health: Treatment and Therapy

Annotation:American Dental Association - This site provides a description of various methods of tooth repair including amalgams, composite, ionomers and restoratives such as crowns and inlays, and porcelain products. Includes tips on evaluating oral health information on the Internet, and links to further resources.

Annotation:American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons - This link provides an overview on the option of dental implants. Excellent graphics enhance the discussion.

Annotation:American Dental Association - This link provides frequently asked questions on adjusting to dentures, care, and potential problems that patients may experience.

Annotation:American Dental Association - A discussion on how partial dentures are made and questions the dental patient may have about wearing them.

Annotation:The Cleveland Clinic - Good information on when a crown is needed, the various materials used to create dental crowns, how the procedure is performed and follow-up for the patient.

Annotation:U.S. Food and Drug Administration - Summarizes what to do about a persistent dry mouth. The article is also available in Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Annotation:KnowYourTeeth, Academy of General Dentistry - This site offers basic information on why root canal surgery is needed, how the procedure is done and other common concerns.

Annotation:American Dental Association - Patients with certain heart conditions or a total joint replacement are at risk of infection from some dental treatments, this article describes the guidelines for prevention followed by dentists.

Annotation:American Dental Association - Patients taking medications containing bisphosphonates, particularly if in high doses for the treatment of cancer, are at risk for a rare but serious condition called osteonecrosis of the jaw.

Annotation:American Dental Association - This is a short discussion on the differences between in-office and at-home whitening treatments and who is a good candidate for each procedure.

Annotation:KnowYourTeeth, Academy of General Dentistry - This site provides a description of common procedures such as bleaching, bonding, veneers and tooth contouring/reshaping.

Annotation:Simple Steps to Better Dental Health, Columbia University College of Dental Medicine - Explanations of what x-rays are, what you see on them, suggested frequency for dental X-ray and their safety concerns.

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