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Great Political Fiction

America America
America America A Novel By Canin, Ethan Book - 2008 FICTION CANIN ETHAN Available in some locations

Annotation:Corey Sifter is befriended by the wealthy Metarey family, a politically powerful dynasty in New York, and becomes an aide to New York senator Henry Bonwiller as he runs for the Democratic presidential nomination during the Nixon era.

Washington, D C
Washington, D C A Novel By Vidal, Gore Book - 1967 FICTION VIDAL GORE Available in some locations

Annotation:A new age of media politics emerges when conservative senator Clay Overbury begins his quest for the Presidency during World War II, and receives help from liberal newspaper tycoon Blaise Sanford.

They Eat Puppies, Don't They?
They Eat Puppies, Don't They? A Novel By Buckley, Christopher Book - 2012 FICTION BUCKLEY CHRISTO Available in some locations

Annotation:Bird McIntyre, a Washington lobbyist and novelist manque with a few really bad thrillers in his closet, and neo-con Wonkette Angel Templeton want to make sure that Congress approves a top-secret weapons system. So they start a rumor that the Chinese secret service wants to assassinate the Dalai Lama.

Stumbling and Raging
Stumbling and Raging More Politically Inspired Fiction Book - 2005

Annotation:A collection of short stories that explore the political and social culture of America and Middle Eastern societies in a post-9/11, post-2004 election world.

Advise and Consent
Advise and Consent By Drury, Allen Book - 1959 FICTION DRURY ALLEN Available in some locations

Annotation:A classic political novel depicts the complex events and reasons that govern the Senators' decisions when they must confirm the President's choice for Secretary of State.

Echo House
Echo House By Just, Ward S. Book - 1997 FICTION JUST WARD Available in some locations

Annotation:A chronicle of American politics and influence follows the story of the Behl family, three powerful generations of men in Washington, D.C., as they pursue power, money, and women and strive to protect their many dangerous secrets.

Scandalmonger A Novel By Safire, William Book - 2000 FICTION SAFIRE WILLIAM Available in some locations

Annotation:For those who think that Washington sex scandals and lurid journalism are recent developments, this novel will be a revelation.

All the King's Men
All the King's Men By Warren, Robert Penn Book FICTION WARREN ROBERT Available in some locations

Annotation:Jack Burden, a young journalist, becomes involved with Willie Stark's quest for power while serving as a Southern governor.

Primary Colors
Primary Colors A Novel of Politics Book - 1996 FICTION PRIMARY Available in some locations

Annotation:A former congressional aide of mixed race, Henry Burton takes a new job with Jack Stanton, governor of a small Southern state who has his eye on the presidency, observing his campaign, his idiosyncratic lifestyle, and the controversies and scandals surrounding him.

A God in Ruins
A God in Ruins A Novel By Uris, Leon Book - 1999 FICTION URIS LEON Available in some locations

Annotation:Presents the tale of Quinn Patrick O'Connell, an orphaned Jewish boy raised as a Catholic, whose Democratic nomination for the presidency in 2008 leads to a struggle for the fate of the United States.

Taft 2012
Taft 2012 A Novel By Heller, Jason Book - 2012 FICTION HELLER JASON Available in some locations

Annotation:He is the perfect presidential candidate. There's just one problem: He is William Howard Taft . . . and he was already U.S. president a hundred years ago. So what on earth is he doing alive and well and considering a running mate in 2012?

The Plot Against America
The Plot Against America By Roth, Philip Book - 2004 FICTION ROTH PHILIP Available in some locations

Annotation:Alternative history at its most chilling: Charles Lindbergh defeats FDR in the 1940 presidential election and seeks accommodation with Hitler, even as the Roth family (and millions of other American Jews) watch anxiously from the sidelines.

It Can't Happen Here
It Can't Happen Here By Lewis, Sinclair Book - 2005 FICTION LEWIS SINCLAI Available in some locations

Annotation:It is 1936. America has just elected Berzelius Windrip to the presidency-and his fascist policies turn the U.S. into a totalitarian state.

The Last Debate
The Last Debate By Lehrer, James Book - 1995 FICTION LEHRER JAMES Available in some locations

Annotation:A fictional look at a presidential debate just eight days before the election reveals how politics and journalism can clash.

Political Animal
Political Animal A Novel By Mizner, David Book - 2004

Annotation:A young speechwriter meets the unlikely woman of his dreams during campaign season.

The Librarian
The Librarian By Beinhart, Larry Book - 2004 FICTION BEINHAR LARRY Available in some locations

Annotation:University librarian David Goldberg begins a side job as a conservative activist, a position that lands him in hot water with a conspiratorial clique of wealthy right-wingers who want him gone.

Hartsburg, USA
Hartsburg, USA A Novel By Mizner, David Book - 2007 FICTION MIZNER DAVID Available in some locations

Annotation:In the failing rustbelt town of Hartsburg, Ohio, the competition between two very different candidates has a profound impact on the town and for the country as a whole.

O A Presidential Novel Book - 2011 FICTION O Available in some locations

Annotation:Offers a fictional account of the prominent figures and issues surrounding the 2012 presidential election.

Watergate A Novel By Mallon, Thomas Book - 2012 FICTION MALLON THOMAS Available in some locations

Annotation:A retelling of the Watergate scandal, as seen through a kaleidoscope of its colorful perpetrators and investigators.


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