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Angels and Demons @ SCCLD

Illuminate By Agresti, Aimee Book - 2012 / SF AGRESTI AIMEE Available in some locations

Annotation:A brainy, shy high school outcast interning at a Chicago hotel discovers that the hotel staff has an evil agenda planned for her classmates on prom night.

Level 2
Level 2 By Appelhans, Lenore Book - 2013 / SF APPELHA LENORE Available in some locations

Annotation:17yr-old Felicia is dead and spending her time in the hive, but when Julian breaks into the hive and demands that she come with him, she discovers that even the afterlife is complicated and dangerous.

The Demon Catchers of Milan
The Demon Catchers of Milan By Beyer, Kat Book - 2012 / SF BEYER KAT Available in some locations

Annotation:After surviving being possessed by a demon, 16yr-old Mia leaves New York to stay with cousins in Milan, where she must study her family's heritage of demon catching in order to stay alive.

Halflings By Burch, Heather Book - 2012 / SF BURCH HEATHER Available in some locations

Annotation:When Nikki is targeted by an evil intent on harming her, she finds herself under the guardianship of three young men who call themselves Halflings.

A Touch Mortal
A Touch Mortal By Clifford, Leah Book - 2011 / FICTION CLIFFOR LEAH Available in some locations

Annotation:Eden, once a lonely human who lost her heart to a fallen angel and now trapped between Heaven and Hell, discovers that her Touch can strip away the morals and logic of mortals.

Hidden By Curley, Marianne Book - 2013 / SF CURLEY MARIANN Available in some locations

Annotation:Ebony was kidnapped as a baby and brought to our world by an evil force--a force that hoped to harness her angel power one day. Hidden for 16 years, even Ebony doesn't know her true identity.

A Beautiful Dark
A Beautiful Dark By Davies, Jocelyn Book - 2011 / SF DAVIES JOCELYN Available in some locations

Annotation:When Skye, who lives with her aunt in Boulder, Colorado, turns 17 and is suddenly pursued by two boys who are polar opposites, secrets of her true identity--and destiny--begin to emerge.

Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes By Dittemore, Shannon Book - 2012 / FICTION DITTEMO SHANNON Available in some locations

Annotation:Just returned home to Stratus, Oregon, after finding tragedy as a ballerina, 18yr-old Brielle discovers she has a destiny with new neighbor Jake--to join a battle in a realm that only angels, demons, and Brielle can perceive.

Angelfall By Ee, Susan Book - 2012 / SF EE SUSAN Available in some locations

Annotation:Angels of the apocalypse have descended to demolish the world. Street gangs rule the day while fear rules the night. When angels fly away with a helpless little girl, her 17yr-old sister Penryn will do anything to get her back, including making a deal with Raffe, an enemy angel.

Sweet Evil
Sweet Evil By Higgins, Wendy Book - 2012 / FICTION HIGGINS WENDY Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 6 copies

Annotation:Anna discovers at 16 that she is the daughter of a guardian angel and a demon. As Anna struggles to fight the dark legacy of her father, she falls for the Kaidan, the ultimate bad boy. Forced to face her destiny, she must decide whether to embrace her halo or her horns.

Dark Kiss
Dark Kiss By Rowen, Michelle Book - 2012 / SF ROWEN MICHELL Available in some locations

Annotation:Unable to resist a kiss from her crush, Samantha is stricken by a mysterious hunger and turns for help to Bishop to stop an encroaching darkness that threatens to overwhelm her.

Embrace By Shirvington, Jessica Book - 2012 / SF SHIRVIN JESSICA Available in some locations

Annotation:17-yr-old Violet's world is turned upside down when she falls for Lincoln and discovers he is part angel and part human. As Violet gets caught up in an ancient battle between dark and light, she must choose her path.

Immortal City
Immortal City By Speer, Scott Book - 2012 / SF SPEER SCOTT Available in some locations

Annotation:Jackson is the hottest Angel in the city, soon he'll be a full Guardian and people will pay for him to save them. Then he falls for Maddy who likes him for who he is and not for his celebrity, but a serial killer is loose.

Forbidden By James, Syrie Book - 2012 / SF JAMES SYRIE All copies in use Availability details Holds: 1 on 2 copies

Annotation:As 16-yr-old Claire's new psychic abilities bring unwelcome attention from Watchers, Alec, a Watcher grown tired of having to eliminate descendants of his angelic forefathers, has fallen in love with Claire while hiding out at her school, unaware that she is a Nephilim.


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