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Thrillers & Chillers

Dead Time
Dead Time By Cassidy, Anne Book - 2012 / FICTION CASSIDY ANNE Available in some locations

Annotation:344p (Gr 9+) Five years after 17-yr-old Rose's mother and Joshua's father disappeared, when the step-siblings reconnect in London, Rose witnesses two murders which she fears are linked to coded notebooks Joshua has found and his investigation of the disappearance.

The Body Finder
The Body Finder By Derting, Kimberly Book - 2010 / FICTION DERTING KIMBERL Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 8 copies

Annotation:329p (Gr 9+) Violet uses her uncanny ability to sense murderers and their victims to try to stop a serial killer who's terrorizing her town, and although her best friend and would-be boyfriend Jay promises to keep her safe, she becomes a target.

The Butterfly Clues
The Butterfly Clues By Ellison, Kate Book - 2012 / FICTION ELLISON KATE Available in some locations

Annotation:325p (Gr 9+) Having experienced compulsive behavior all her life, Lo's symptoms are getting her into trouble when she witnesses a murder while wandering dangerous quarters of Cleveland, collecting things that do not belong to her, obsessing about her brother's death.

The Girl in the Park
The Girl in the Park By Fredericks, Mariah Book - 2012 / FICTION FREDERI MARIAH Available in some locations

Annotation:217p (Gr 9+) When a teenaged girl with a bad reputation is murdered in New York City's Central Park after a party, her childhood friend is determined to solve the mystery of who caused her death.

Mister Death's Blue-eyed Girls
Mister Death's Blue-eyed Girls By Hahn, Mary Downing Book - 2012 / FICTION HAHN MARY Available in some locations

Annotation:330p (Gr 9+) Narrated from several different perspectives, tells the story of the 1956 murder of two teenaged girls in suburban Baltimore, Maryland.

Deadly Cool
Deadly Cool By Halliday, Gemma Book - 2011 / M HALLIDA GEMMA Available in some locations

Annotation:303p (Gr 9+) When 16-yr-old Hartley finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her, she goes to his house to confront him and suddenly finds herself embroiled in a murder mystery.

Clarity By Harrington, Kim Book - 2011 / FICTION HARRING KIM Available in some locations

Annotation:246p (Gr 9+) 16-yr-old Clare, a member of a family of psychics, helps the mayor and a skeptical detective solve a murder in a Cape Cod town during the height of tourist season--with her brother a prime suspect.

Slide By Hathaway, Jill Book - 2012 / FICTION HATHAWA JILL Available in some locations

Annotation:Vee, able to slide into other people's minds, sees someone standing over the body of her sister's best friend, Sophie, holding a bloody knife but she is afraid that anyone she tells will think she’s crazy and so she must find a way to identify the killer herself, before he or she strikes again.

The Night She Disappeared
The Night She Disappeared By Henry, April Book - 2012 / FICTION HENRY APRIL Available in some locations

Annotation:229p (Gr 9+) Told from various viewpoints, Gabie and Drew set out to prove that their missing co-worker Kayla is not dead, and to find her before she is, while the police search for her body and the man who abducted her.

Paper Covers Rock
Paper Covers Rock By Hubbard, Jenny Book - 2011 / FICTION HUBBARD JENNY Available in some locations

Annotation:183p (Gr 9+) In 1982 Buncombe County, North Carolina, 16-yr-old Alex writes of the aftermath of the accidental drowning of a friend, as his English teacher reaches out to him while he and a fellow boarding school student try to cover things up.

The Name of the Star
The Name of the Star By Johnson, Maureen Book - 2011 / FICTION JOHNSON MAUREEN Available in some locations

Annotation:372p (Gr 9+) Rory, of Boueuxlieu, Louisiana, is spending a year at a London boarding school when she witnesses a murder by a Jack the Ripper copycat and becomes involved with the very unusual investigation.

I Hunt Killers
I Hunt Killers By Lyga, Barry Book - 2012 / FICTION LYGA BARRY Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 11 copies

Annotation:359p (Gr 9+) 17-yr-old Jazz learned all about being a serial killer from his notorious "Dear Old Dad," but believes he has a conscience that will help fight his own urges and right some of his father's wrongs, so he secretly helps the police apprehend the town's newest murderer, "The Impressionist."

Cryer's Cross
Cryer's Cross By McMann, Lisa Book - 2011 / FICTION MCMANN LISA Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 6 copies

Annotation:232p (Gr 9+) 17-yr-old Kendall, who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, lives with her parents on a potato farm in a tiny community in Montana, where two teenagers go missing within months of each other, with no explanation.

Revived By Patrick, Cat Book - 2012 / FICTION PATRICK CAT Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 11 copies

Annotation:336p (Gr 9+) Having been brought back from the dead repeatedly by a top-secret government super drug called Revive, and forced to move so the public does not learn the truth, 15-yr-old Daisy meets people worth living for and begins to question the heavy-handed government controls she has dealt with for eleven years.


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