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Teen Issues - Crazy Like Me

Cameron and the Girls
Cameron and the Girls By Averett, Edward Book - 2013 / FICTION AVERETT EDWARD Available in some locations

Annotation:A boy suffering from schizophreniaa disorder falls into a love triangle with a girl in his junior high class--and a girl in his head.

Shift By Bailey, Em Book - 2012 / FICTION BAILEY EM Available in some locations

Annotation:Olive, having recently suffered mental problems, is unsure whether to trust her instincts when a new student, rumored to have killed her parents, develops a parasitic relationship with Olive's former best friend, Jubilee Park High School's "Queen Bee."

Perfect Escape
Perfect Escape By Brown, Jennifer Book - 2012 / FICTION BROWN JENNIFE Available in some locations

Annotation:Seventeen-year-old Kendra, living in the shadow of her brother's obsessive-compulsive disorder, takes a life-changing road trip with him.

Riding Out the Storm
Riding Out the Storm By Deans, Sis Boulos Book - 2012 / FICTION DEANS SIS Available in some locations

Annotation:While riding a bus with his grandfather from Portland, Maine, to New Jersey to visit his older brother in a mental hospital, thirteen-year-old Zach meets some interesting people, including one very special girl.

OCD Love Story
OCD Love Story By Haydu, Corey Ann Book - 2013 / FICTION HAYDU COREY Available in some locations

Annotation:In an instant, Bea felt almost normal with Beck, and as if she could fall in love again, but things change when the psychotherapist who has been helping her deal with past romantic relationships puts her in a group with Beck--a group for teens with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Life Is but A Dream
Life Is but A Dream By James, Brian Book - 2012 / FICTION JAMES BRIAN Available in some locations

Annotation:When fifteen-year-old Sabrina meets Alec at the Wellness Center where she is being treated for schizophrenia, he tries to persuade her that it is the world that is crazy, not them, and she should defy her doctors rather than lose what makes her creative and special.

Lexapros and Cons
Lexapros and Cons By Karo, Aaron Book - 2012 / FICTION KARO AARON Available in some locations

Annotation:Realizing that his OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) is out of control, seventeen-year-old Chuck Taylor, who wants to win his best friend back and impress a new girl at school, tries to break some hardcore habits, face his demons--and get messy.

Crazy Dangerous
Crazy Dangerous By Klavan, Andrew Book - 2012 / FICTION KLAVAN ANDREW Available in some locations

Annotation:Sam Hopkins fights back when he sees bullies harrassing Jennifer, an eccentric schoolmate who, he learns, is having terrifying hallucinations about demons, death, and destruction which may just come true unless Sam can stop them.

Charm & Strange
Charm & Strange By Kuehn, Stephanie Book - 2013 / FICTION KUEHN STEPHAN Available in some locations

Annotation:A lonely teenager exiled to a remote Vermont boarding school in the wake of a family tragedy must either surrender his sanity to the wild wolves inside his mind or learn that surviving means more than not dying.

This Is How I Find Her
This Is How I Find Her By Polsky, Sara Book - 2013 / FICTION POLSKY SARA Available in some locations

Annotation:High school junior Sophie has always had the burden of taking care of her mother, who has bipolar disorder, but after her mother's hospitalization she must learn to cope with estranged family and figure out her own life.

Crazy By Reed, Amy Lynn Book - 2012 / FICTION REED AMY Available in some locations

Annotation:Connor is in love with Izzy, but he finds that her behavior is becoming erratic.

I'll Be There
I'll Be There By Sloan, Holly Goldberg Book - 2011 / FICTION SLOAN HOLLY Available in some locations

Annotation:Raised by an unstable father who keeps constantly on the move, Sam Border has long been the voice of his silent younger brother, Riddle, but everything changes when Sam meets Emily Bell and, welcomed by her family, the brothers are faced with normalcy for the first time.

Wild Awake
Wild Awake By Smith, Hilary T Book - 2013 / FICTION SMITH HILARY Available in some locations

Annotation:The discovery of a startling family secret leads seventeen-year-old Kiri Byrd from a protected and naive life into a summer of mental illness, first love, and profound self-discovery.

17 & Gone
17 & Gone By Suma, Nova Ren Book - 2013 / FICTION SUMA NOVA Available in some locations

Annotation:Seventeen-year-old Lauren has visions of girls her own age who are gone without a trace, but while she tries to understand why they are speaking to her and whether she is next, Lauren has a brush with death and a shocking truth emerges, changing everything.

OCD, the Dude, and Me
OCD, the Dude, and Me A Novel By Vaughn, Lauren Roedy Book - 2013 / FICTION VAUGHN LAUREN Available in some locations

Annotation:Danielle Levine stands out even at her alternative high school--in appearance and attitude--but when her scathing and sometimes raunchy English essays land her in a social skills class, she meets Daniel, another social misfit who may break her resolve to keep everyone at arm's length.

Freaks Like Us
Freaks Like Us By Vaught, Susan Book - 2012 / FICTION VAUGHT SUSAN Available in some locations

Annotation:A mentally ill teenager who rides the "short bus" to school investigates the sudden disappearance of his best friend.

Miles From Ordinary
Miles From Ordinary By Williams, Carol Lynch Book - 2011 / FICTION WILLIAM CAROL Available in some locations

Annotation:As her mother's mental illness spins terrifyingly out of control, thirteen-year-old Lacey must face the truth of what life with her mother means for both of them.

My Beautiful Failure
My Beautiful Failure By Young, Janet Ruth Book - 2012 / FICTION YOUNG JANET Available in some locations

Annotation:While dealing with the recovery of his mentally ill father, sophomore in high school Billy volunteers at a suicide prevention line and falls for one of the incoming callers.

Beating Depression
Beating Depression Teens Find Light at the End of the Tunnel By Zucker, Faye Book - 2007 / 618.9285 ZUCKER Available in some locations


Mind Race
Mind Race A Firsthand Account of One Teenager's Experience With Bipolar Disorder By Jamieson, Patrick E. Book - 2006 / 616.895 JAMIESO Available in some locations


My Anxious Mind
My Anxious Mind A Teen's Guide to Managing Anxiety and Panic By Tompkins, Michael A Book - 2009 / 618.9285 TOMPKIN Available in some locations


Rae [my True Story of Fear, Anxiety, and Social Phobia] By Swiggett, Chelsea Rae Book - 2010 / 618.9285 SWIGGET Available in some locations


Books about depression, anxiety, OCD and other mental disorders.

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