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FSJPL_Amy added a title to their For later shelf Apr 30 2020
The human brain has long been a mystery, but twenty-first century science is beginning to reveal some of its inner workings. With microscopes and brain scans, with psychological experiments and breakthroughs in genetics, neuroscientists are...
FSJPL_Amy created a list Apr 30 2020
Healthcare Guide

Help Yourself: Mental Health During COVID-19

"Whatever your situation, coping during the COVID-19 pandemic can be tough. But you don't have to do it alone. This list can get you started in finding the help that's right for you."
FSJPL_Amy created a list Apr 16 2020
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FSJPL Staff Picks April 2020

"A selection of top picks from your library staff at the Fort St. John Public Library"
FSJPL_Amy added a title to their Completed shelf Feb 27 2020
It's late summer 1793, and the streets of Philadelphia are abuzz with mosquitoes and rumors of fever. Down near the docks, many have taken ill, and the fatalities are mounting. Now they include Polly, the serving girl at the Cook Coffeehouse. But...
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