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luxedystopia made a comment Apr 14 2019
"Is this REALLY how it is with weight and society???" Permalink
luxedystopia made a comment Feb 22 2019
"I am just over halfway and this book sucks balls. The first book is a work of art compared to this! Where is the action? It starts off wonderfully with Andy finding a letter from her future mother-in-law discouraging her son from marrying her t..." Permalink
luxedystopia made a comment Feb 09 2019
luxedystopia made a comment Dec 02 2017
"I read this on another Overdrive. Weirdest book ever, yet I can relate to the character. Didn't the author think the "fat girl" deserved better than that in the end? Did the author think because she is fat that is all she deserves? T..." Permalink
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Sep 16 2017
"In the Garden of Beasts is richly described, from the scenery to the characters, in a manner that gives a horrifying immediacy to a crucial turning point in history. From our vantage point in the future, we are forced to see through the eyes of pe..." Permalink
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